Promotion 10g Premium Buds (5x 2 grams)


Ultimate Sampler Pack: Elevate Your Experience with Our Premium Cannabis Variety!

Pattayaweed Delivery is thrilled to present the Ultimate Sampler Pack – a meticulously curated selection of our premium cannabis strains designed to ignite your senses and introduce you to the epitome of indulgence. This promotion includes 10 grams of exquisite strains: Rainbow Bell, Zurple Punch, Velvet Moon, Runtz, and White Widow, with 2 grams of each strain.

The Ultimate Cannabis Journey: Explore the Spectrum: Embark on a sensory adventure with Rainbow Bell’s vibrant hues, Zurple Punch’s fruity elegance, Velvet Moon’s opulent tranquility, Runtz’s natural taste, and White Widow’s hybrid allure. Each strain offers a unique journey into the world of premium cannabis.

Sampler Perfection: Indulge in the artistry of our growers as you experience two grams of each strain – a sampler perfection that allows you to savor the diverse qualities of our premium cannabis selection.

Unlock Exclusive Discounts: Discover Your Favorite: After enjoying the Ultimate Sampler Pack, get great discounts on individual strains. Identify your favorite, and indulge in larger quantities at discounted prices. This unique opportunity ensures you get more of what you love. Just go directly to the strain you prefer and you will great prices for 10/20/50 gram of each of those strains.

Tailored Cannabis Experience: Whether you lean towards the fruity notes of Zurple Punch or the opulent tranquility of Velvet Moon, tailor your cannabis experience to match your preferences.

The Pattayaweed Delivery Difference: At Pattayaweed Delivery, we go beyond offering cannabis; we deliver an experience. The Ultimate Sampler Pack is a testament to our commitment to providing you with the finest, most diverse, and luxurious cannabis journey.

Embark on Your Ultimate Cannabis Odyssey: Don’t miss out on the Ultimate Sampler Pack – a gateway to the premium world of cannabis. Elevate your experience and explore the spectrum of flavors and effects. Visit to claim your pack and unlock exclusive discounts today.

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