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We offer fast deliveries within 1 hour in Pattaya! Deliveries over 3,000 Baht are free of shipping costs. Try it out now!

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Unlock incredible value and savings when you shop at our online dispensary in Thailand. By eliminating traditional retail costs such as staff and rental expenses, we can offer you the most competitive prices on premium cannabis products. Plus, enjoy the added benefit of free delivery on orders over 3000 baht.

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About Us: Pattaya weed delivery

Welcome to our online weed haven, crafted exclusively for the modern connoisseur. As seasoned enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the importance of quality.

That’s why we curate the finest selection of premium cannabis products at unbeatable prices. Operating solely on delivery means more savings for you, so you can elevate your experience without compromising your wallet.

Enjoy free delivery on orders above 3000 baht and join us on this elevated journey.

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Welcome to, your trusted source for
top-quality cannabis products. We offer a premium selection of cannabis goods,
including high-quality flowers, edibles and concentrates.

For businesses looking to expand their product offerings,
Pattaya weed delivery proudly offers wholesale opportunities. We prioritize
product quality and safety, ensuring that every item meets industry standards.
With competitive wholesale pricing, you can maximize your profitability while
providing top-notch products to your customers. Our reliable shipping and
exceptional customer support make us your ideal partner.

Whether you’re shopping for personal use or business needs,
we’re dedicated to offering you the best products and service. Join us on this
exciting journey into the world of premium cannabis. Contact our dedicated
wholesale team today to explore our wholesale options and grow together with

Get in contact with us directly by livechat, if you are looking for wholesale options starting from 200 grams.

I am very happy with the fast delivery and the high quality of the products. What I learn from PattayaWeed.Delivery is, if they say its strong – it is!


Happy Customer

As I am living outside the city, it takes me easily 45 minutes to the next coffeeshop. The service is great and the delivery fees very acceptable.


Happy Customer

I never order weed online, but as they offer cash on delivery I gave them a try. Fast delivery within 50 minutes, great prices on bigger quantities and best quality


Happy Customer

I am smoking weed for years and the weed delivery is a great thing! As a stoner you don´t want to go out, you want to get this sh*t delivered home, that´s what they do!


Happy Customer