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We guarantee a fast delivery within 1 hour in Pattaya! Deliveries over 10,000 Baht are free of shipping costs

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On we only offer the best products. Highest import and local quality available on the market.

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Easy checkout options and Cash on delivery. For orders over 20.000 Baht, please contact us by email

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We attach great importance to high quality and customer satisfaction.
If you are unsure about the right strain, please fill out our questionnaire and our team will give you an individual suggestion about strain and quality.

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About Us

We are a specialist pharmacy for cannabis products. With years of experience in this field, we can advise you and suggest the best strains for you.

We are honoured to be the first store in Pattaya to specialise in the supply of selected cannabis products in this city.

We are experienced and we know what you want 😉

Our story

With years of experience in this field, we are very happy to deliver the best products in no time to your door. With selected strains, mainly from Amsterdam and California (also some local products), you have a guarantee to always getting the best quality, delivered in no time.

If you don´t want to drive to a coffeeshop and get the stuff delivered simply to your home, Pattayaweed.Delivery is your partner

I am very happy with the fast delivery and the high quality of the products. What I learn from PattayaWeed.Delivery is, if they say its strong – it is!


Happy Customer

As I am living outside the city, it takes me easily 45 minutes to the next coffeeshop. The service is great and the delivery fees very acceptable.


Happy Customer

I never order weed online, but as they offer cash on delivery I gave them a try. Fast delivery within 50 minutes, great prices on bigger quantities and best quality


Happy Customer

I am smoking weed for years and the weed delivery is a great thing! As a stoner you don´t want to go out, you want to get this sh*t delivered home, that´s what they do!


Happy Customer