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Are you looking for CBD oil to treat your medical problems? We have imported the highest quality available on the market from Europe and its now available in our shop! All oils are tested in the companies own laboratories to guarantee the highest quality possible. Testing results are annexed visible.

Due to the high THC level of up to 1%, this product can’t be sold in most places in Europe. In the countries where it can be sold, it’s well-known and popular from doctors, to pharmacies and even some European hospitals are working with this CBD oil! The company has over 25 years experience in this market and is inter alia working with national sport teams to further developing their products.

If you experience health problems, give it a try – there is a reason why Cannabis is used for medical treatments since thousand of years!

We have added this product because we have tested it by ourselves (or with our families) and the results have been really crazy.. It can really change lives, give it a try now!

Check out the laboratory tests below in PDF formats:

Premium CBD Wanda Broker – English
Premium CBD Wanda Broker – Latest Polish language

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