PattayaWeed.Delivery: Redefining Premium Cannabis for Expats in Thailand




PattayaWeed.Delivery: Crafting a Cannabis Legacy in Thailand

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Thailand lies PattayaWeed.Delivery, a beacon for expats and long-term residents. We started as more than just a shop; we were a dream. A dream that began with a clear mission – to bring unparalleled quality cannabis to the Thai market. Today, we’re expanding that vision even further.

Driven By Quality, Priced For You

Our story has quality at its heart. We embarked on our journey to deliver the best cannabis quality available. But, as we explored the market, it became clear that our expat community deserved more than just premium cannabis; they deserved exceptional value.

Imagine the elation of seasoned cannabis aficionados upon discovering that PattayaWeed.Delivery, heralded for its premium strains, was offering the finest cannabis for just 180 baht per gram. For context, many coffeeshops pay similar, if not higher, prices merely for stocking up. The bulk prices for premium-shelf cannabis, even for large orders between 1-200 grams, typically range from 190 to 240 baht per gram.

So, how do we achieve this? Volume and an innovative franchise model!

The Power of Franchising and Bulk Purchasing

Our capability to buy in large volumes isn’t just a strategy; it’s made possible because of our expanding franchise system. With branches not only in Pattaya but also in sought-after locations like Phuket and Samui, our reach and purchasing power have grown exponentially. By buying 2-3 kilos of a single strain, we secure better prices, ensuring our loyal customer base gets rates even more competitive than many coffeeshops.

This expansive network and strategy have yielded results. In just our first year, we celebrated a turnover of over 5,000,000 Baht in the Pattaya branch only! Even amidst rising online competition, our brand stands strong, evidenced by consistent sales growth, especially during off-peak seasons. This isn’t mere business; it’s the trust and bond we’ve built with our expat family.

Eyeing The Future

With aspirations sky-high, we envision ourselves as Thailand’s ultimate cannabis delivery service for expats and long-term denizens. Every decision, every new strain is a step closer to that goal.

For those eager to glimpse our dedication to quality and affordability, dive into our current promotions here.

At PattayaWeed.Delivery, we’re not merely in the business of selling cannabis; we’re building a legacy. Join us in our odyssey, and together, let’s blaze trails towards a greener, brighter future.


Our commitment to serving the expatriate community in Thailand is unwavering. This dedication has led us to offer deliveries even outside of Pattaya. But, as a licensed and responsible business, we prioritize the safety and legality of every transaction. For customers located outside Pattaya, we have a specific process in place. Before confirming an order, we require a copy of your passport or ID card. Moreover, the payment for the order must originate from a bank account bearing the same name as the one on the provided identification document. It’s worth noting that while we embrace a variety of payment methods, for deliveries outside of Pattaya, we currently don’t accept cryptocurrency. This is to ensure the utmost transparency and adherence to the law. We take our responsibility seriously, and we always put our customers’ safety and satisfaction at the forefront. For deliveries in Pattaya, drivers might ask for an identification document in case the customer looks below 20 years and deny delivery in case it can’t be delivered.



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