What is a good flower all about?

Numbers are only numbers.. This is what it looks like sometimes, if we do tests on our Cannabis. Some flowers showing great results and high THC levels, but if you smoke them, the high doesn’t kick in as usual and also the taste is somehow worse in the throat as you might know it from […]

AAAA+ Cannabis – Why its only imported available?

Most people living outside the USA, Netherlands or Thailand, might know AAAA+ Cannabis only from pictures. I am personally from Europe, smoking since 15 years and always tried to get the highest quality. If I compare the European indoor quality I was smoking for years, with todays Quads (AAAA) available here in Thailand – It’s […]

What’s the difference between A and AAAA weed?

The first official grading system was introduce in the early 90’s in Canada. Let’s have a deeper look into the ratings and the grades available. A Quality / Singles (A) This quality is usually not sold in coffeeshops, or sold in the cheapest joints. Its weed of the lowest quality and always outdoor. In our […]

What is a high THC percentage for good quality cannabis?

What THC levels are considered as “high”? There was a lot of development in Cannabis over the past years. In the Netherlands they are growing legally for a long time already and have years of experience and tradition in producing the best quality weed worldwide for a longtime. After America legalized Cannabis in some parts […]

Purple Candy Snow tested at 24.6%!

We at Pattayaweed.delivery want to make sure to deliver you only the highest quality of cannabis available in Thailand. All new arrivals are tested on total cannabinoids to make sure, that you are smoking only the highest quality products, when choosing Pattayaweed.Delivery as your new Cannabis supplier! Check below the video of our latest beauty, […]