What is a high THC percentage for good quality cannabis?

What THC levels are considered as “high”?

There was a lot of development in Cannabis over the past years. In the Netherlands they are growing legally for a long time already and have years of experience and tradition in producing the best quality weed worldwide for a longtime.

After America legalized Cannabis in some parts of the country, we saw the American way coming also for the weed! No real tradition, but Research and Development of its finest and is now also producing very high quality weed, even stronger as their European pendant.

Social media shows us a dreamworld of percentages which are far away from true, its basically just numbers.

Ask for a test at your next purchase or test it by yourself in a University Clinic. Compared to the results shown online, you might get very disappointed. Not necessarily about the high, the taste or the trim, but about the final % number of THC that the test will show to you.

Did you know, that the most sold weed in Amsterdam coffeeshops has an average % of 14.6?!

Have you ever been in Amsterdam in a coffeeshop? Do you remember the THC levels of it and the high you got from it? I bet the high was great and the THC level was below 25% 😉

Check the guide below, of real THC Percentages on tested plants. It might be way lower as you have expected from online offers in Social Media or in Line Groups.


In this table you can see, that plants with over 20% THC are considered “extremely high” and its the highest possible rating. So think twice, if you see the next time ads with 28% or 32% THC levels, because its obviously not true on raw flowers without real test results.

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