What is a good flower all about?

Numbers are only numbers.. This is what it looks like sometimes, if we do tests on our Cannabis.

Some flowers showing great results and high THC levels, but if you smoke them, the high doesn’t kick in as usual and also the taste is somehow worse in the throat as you might know it from flowers with lower THC counts! Why and how is this?!

Well, the truth is, that the THC levels are only a part of the “high” – at least as important as the THC count, is the composition of all the cannabinoids together! Sometimes you have Cannabis with huge counts, but the highs are not very satisfying or you even get headache after smoking it – Similar as with cheap alcohol – You can buy a bottle with the same % of alcohol for 10$ or 100$ or even 1000$ – the alcohol count remains the same, in composition, in quality, in taste and all around, the 1000$ might be better as the one for 10$.

This is why, a THC count alone is in our opinion not sufficient to rate a flower. Out of this reason, we test our products by ourselves and also check the THC counts with our devices. Like this, we can rate the products perfectly and you can be always 100% sure, that if you order an AAAA+, you won’t be disappointed..

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