XXL Party Joint


This is an unique creation from Pattayaweed.Delivery for the strong blokes or for a great party!

Each joint has a total length (incl. Filter) of over 20 cm and contains the 3 strongest strains available in our shop. (all import strains)

The joints are rolled by hand and have a Purize Filter for the best taste. If you wish other strains to be included, please let us know during the buying process by Livechat. We will then roll the Joint according to your wishes.

The joints have around 3x 0.4 Gramm (pure 3x 0.8 Gramm) of the best strains inside. The joints are rolled with cigarettes in an approximate 60/40 ratio. (60% weed, 40% cigarettes). If you wish to get this joints pure, kindly select it below.

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