Tropical Cherry / Import A+ Quality (AAAA+)


Tropical Cherry is an imported Strain from California USA and highest quality available in the market!

Have you been in California or Amsterdam lately? If not, you might know such colorful buds only from pictures in the internet!

With such buds you could go to contest’s and your chances of winning would not be small! This color is unique – many flowers have purple color inside, but such a light purple that already nearly tends to a blue color is really amazing!

The buds have a high density, the smell is cherry-like and the taste when smoking it.. wow.. again, unique!

It is a cross between a Thai sativa and an Afghani indica that was backcrossed with its original Thai mother and then crossed again with lemony hybrid Lost Coast OG. A great choice for either all-day productivity or mellow introspection.

We have tested Tropical Cherry on a crazy 31% total cannabinoids! It’s very rare to have sativa dominant strains over 30%!

You can find this quality in coffeeshops priced around 900 – 1200 Baht per gram.

Test it out now! We bet, the first thing after having this bud in your hand, is taking a picture and share it with your friends abroad.. 😛

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