THC Oil / 10 ml (around 40% THC)


This is a locally produced oil, made from local Cannabis.

THC Oil is the product to go, if you don’t like to smoke flowers, but still want to feel the effects and benefits of THC.

This oil is made from shatter (see picture), cooled and then mixed with oil in a ratio of around 50/50.

Take around 3 drops under your tongue and you will feel the effects after around 20 minutes. Do not take more, as the effects will get even stronger in the coming 1-3 hours. Its a long and very relaxing high and is great for people with insomnia. Take a few drops before going to bed and you enjoy the relaxing body high that will make you sleep deeper and better. Also PDST patients can benefit from the oil.

Please note, that people with high THC tolerance from smoking will feel less (similar to edibles).

If you would like to test the product before buying, let us know in the livechat, to see the product. Our driver can come to your home with the oil!

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