Green Crack (A) – Local Outdoor Strain


This is local outdoor production from Thailand with low THC levels of up to 7%

Due to many requests, we have added local Thai outdoor Weed to our website. The quality is ok, the price very cheap.

Great stuff to smoke all day and not getting too stoned. Please note, that this is our only outdoor weed available in our store.

We have tested the stuff on total cannabinoids and the result was an acceptable 7.1%. Note that the THC level here might be slight below 5%, due to other cannabinoids also counted beside THC. (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBN etc).

The quality compared to other strains in our shop is way lower, but the price is very reasonable.

This is finally the same weed, as other coffeeshops puts in their 100 Baht joints. So get it here and enjoy the discount!

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