OG Kush / Local Glasshouse Production (AA)


This is a local glasshouse strain and its honestly the strain with absolutely the highest price-quality ratio available in our shop!

OG Kush is a great and cheap strain for people smoking a lot and want to get some good priced stuff! I was honestly pretty impressed by the taste and also the high.. Even if its not a very strong high, its a nice relaxing high that still keeps you active. The seeds of this production have been hybrid seeds, but the feeling is more sativa dominant. For the offered price, it’s definitely the weed with the best price-quality ratio available in our shop!

We have tested OG Kush an the results have been a very acceptable 10.3% total cannabinoids. A great result, pretty much where we expected it to be! This strain is glasshouse-made and indoor dried – its really a very high quality for a glasshouse production!

You usually won’t find this kind of weed in coffeeshops. You will mainly find this strain sold on the street by vendors, priced somewhere around 300 – 550 Baht per Gramm.

Test it out now and get a bigger quantity if you like it! But for the affordable price, its really a great deal!

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