Melon Fizz / Import Top Quality (AAA+)


Melon Fizz is an exceptional strain from Archive Seedbank’s highly sought-after Moonbow Collection. It’s not just one of the new strains, but the top-rated one, so if you want to try it, you should act fast.

This strain is a cross between the wildly popular Melonade by Zkittlez or Terphogs Genetics and Moonbow #75, which has resulted in a Sativa-dominant hybrid that’s sure to take you on a ride. The flavor profile is rich and full-bodied, with a blend of cantaloupe, papaya, and funk, and the aroma is a delightful mix of raspberry, oatmeal, and sweet notes.

Melon Fizz is well-regarded for its energizing and cerebral effects. You’ll feel focused, invigorated, and creative, making it an ideal strain for daytime use or when you need a mental boost. The sweet and fruity taste is followed by a light euphoria, which will keep you feeling inspired and motivated throughout the day.


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