Mandarin Zkittle / Import Top Quality (AAA+)


Mandarin Zkittle is an imported strain from California and is heavily discounted due to seeds!

We are happy to have Mandarin Zkittle available at a huge discount! When the strain was presented to us, we opened the bag and the taste was fantastic, strong buds with high density, very fruity – but the price is very low – how?!

After rolling a joint, we understood very quickly why this one is that much cheaper as all other strains available – it has seeds in it.. Absolutely a No-Go for high quality weed. Let’s test it and see what the tester say’s – 23.3% total cannabinoids – impressing!

This weed has really anything good cannabis should to have and we then still decided to take it and offer it for a discounted price! It might take you double the time to roll a joint – but you save like 50% compared to other strains in this quality – so we thought, its a fair deal.

If you removed the seeds, the taste and high of this indica dominant beauty are AAAA quality.

Test it out now and let us know in the comments what you think about it!

Get it delivered now with discounted prices to your hotel or home in Pattaya within 1 hour.

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