Kryptonite / Top Import Quality (AAA+)


Kryptonite is imported from California and is very high indoor quality!

As an indica lover, this is a strain you absolutely have to try! Beautiful green colored buds with high density and a great high!

A mysterious clone-only strain, Kryptonite is rumored to be a cross between Mendocino Purps and Killer Queen created by breeders at the Bay Area’s famed Oaksterdam University. This strain is a good choice for those seeking to treat serious pain without overwhelming sleepiness. Kryptonite features a musty tropical fruit smell and a sweet, sugary flavor.

We have also tested Kryptonite with a great 18.3% total cannabinoids. Keep in mind, that this is a heavy indica strain and the high can feel very strong. Usually the high won’t kick in for that long, but you will feel the “eye pressure” after the first hit. This absolutely kicks you down and not up!

We are very happy to have such a nice strain available in our collection for delivery to your home or Hotel in Pattaya.

You can find this quality in coffeeshops starting from around 7-800 Baht per gram. Very sure, 99% of coffeeshops would sell this one as AAAA+ quality – Due to the total cannabinoids, we have decided to list it as AAA+.

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