Gorilla Cookies / Thai Indoor Quality (AA)


This is local Thai Indoor Quality – Medium strong – great to smoke during daytime!

A new local indoor strain, great price/quality ratio! This nice sativa flower is full of cannabinoids.

The buds of Gorilla Cookies are very sticky due to high amount of cannabinoids in this flower! We have tested it and the results have been a stunning 16.1% total cannabinoids! What a level for this price!

The smell is citrus like and also the taste is fantastic for a flower in this price quality! A great strain for people smoking a lot during daytime – the sativa effects give you power and you won’t feel sleepy after it.

This is also a great strain for beginners or to relax on the beach with a cold beer.

You can find such strains sold by street vendors (lower quality) priced around 300 – 500 Baht per gram. This is a bargain, test it out now!

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