Facede / Import A+ Quality (AAAA+)


Facede is an imported Strain from California USA and highest quality available in the market!

Another beautiful dark colored strain now available in our collection! Facede means as much as “do it” in galician language.

Unfortunately there are not many info available for this nice strain, so we did the work and tested Facede for you!

The buds are dark colored and have strong density – optically, great quality. Also the test is great with 23.8% total cannabinoids.

After the first hit, you will immediately feel, that this is a Runtz cross in some ways, as the taste is very Runtz like. But there is definitely something else in it, as the fast coming, strong high is absolutely indica-like – knockdown and gone on the sofa – Impressive!

Even if the cannabinoids levels on this plant look a bit lower as at other strains, we do absolutely not recommend this strain for unexperienced users, as it could be overwhelming due to the strong high. Also don’t smoke this one before you go out, better smoke it when come home/back 🙂

Get it delivered now to your hotel or home in Pattaya, delivered within 1 hour.

This quality starts in coffeeshops from around 8-900 Baht per gram


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