Expat’s Promotion 50 gram AAAA+ Cannabis


Experience the Expat Extravaganza – 50 Grams of Cannabis Bliss!

Introducing the Expat Promotion – a cannabis journey designed exclusively for those who call Pattaya their home. Brace yourselves for a mind-blowing offer that’s nothing short of spectacular!

We’ve handcrafted this promotion, keeping our beloved expat community in mind. 50 grams of pure cannabis delight await you, with a carefully curated blend of 25 grams of Biscotti Mint and 25 grams of Purple Punch – two premium strains that redefine excellence.

At just 9,000 Baht, you’re unlocking a treasure trove of quality that’s simply unparalleled. The magic doesn’t stop there – this offer breaks the barriers of affordability with a price that equates to a mere 180 Baht per gram. Yes, you read that right!

Picture this: premium first-class weed, meticulously cultivated, and offered to you at a price that coffeeshops themselves would envy. With average costs for this kind of quality ranging from 190 to 240 Baht for coffeeshops and MOQ 100 grams, you’re getting the deal of a lifetime.

But wait, there’s more! Our appreciation for our expat community knows no bounds. Refer an expat friend to this promotion, let us know via chat, and we’ll sweeten the deal. For every referral, we’ll add 5+5 grams (Biscotti Mint x Purple Punch) to your next delivery absolutely free.

Elevate your cannabis experience, embrace the spirit of community, and indulge in the Expat Extravaganza. This is your moment to seize a deal that’s designed exclusively for you.

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