Capital Haze / Import A+ Quality (AAAA+)


Capital Haze is an imported Strain from California USA and highest quality available in the market!

This is the strain to go for all the haze lovers out there! A typical haze flavor – if you love haze, grab your grams now.

Capital Haze is a weed strain from the famous breeder and grower Lumpy, who also made Apple Fritter. Capital Haze is a cross of Sour Apple Haze and OG Kush. It’s strong in the terpene terpinolene, like Jack Herer or Dutch Treat. It’s candy-sweet, green apple tart, and old-school hoppy with haze.

We have tested Capital Haze with an amazing 28.3% total cannabinoids – keep in mind, this beauty is sativa dominant! A great result and the perfect day-strain for all the haze lovers out there!

You can find this quality in coffeeshops priced around 850 – 1100 baht per gram.

Or get it delivered to your home or hotel within 1 hour and enjoy the discount 🙂

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