Cali Lime / Import A+ Quality (AAAA+)


Cali Lime is an imported Strain from California USA and highest quality available in the market!

Another imported strain available in our shop with beautiful and unique dark purple orange color.

California Limes is a very interesting strain. This citrus-heavy cross features a powerfully zesty aroma. With notes of sour and spicy chili, California Lime has a squat and bushy morphology that develops dense buds hard with resin. This strain is on the potent side with mind-expanding effects.

We have tested Cali Lime with a great 19.1% total cannabinoids – a great result for a sativa dominant hybrid strain.

Get California Limes delivered now to your home or hotel and enjoy the best quality available.

You can find this quality in coffeeshops starting at around 800 baht per gram

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