Biscotti Mint / Import A+ Quality (AAAA+)


This is really a very special strain and it was worth waiting. The buds look like small Christmas tree’s, covered in white snow! The amount of white trichomes on this buds is really special and it’s rare to find such strains!

Biscotti Mint has anything you are looking for! Beside it’s unique optical appearance, it has also a great taste! The buds smell very sweet and somehow, very unique. Also when smoking it, the taste remains and it’s really tasty to smoke.

Last but not least, we have of course also tested Biscotti Mint and the result was a crazy 26.1% total cannabinoids! Well, if you see the buds, it might not surprise you that much anymore.

The highs are strong, very strong – even experienced smokers might need to take a few minutes to “restart” again, after a few hits of this beauty. This is absolutely not recommended for unexperienced cannabis user’s!

You can’t find Biscotti Mint in Coffeeshop’s, as it’s very unique. There a few shops in Bangkok selling Biscotti Mint (this one) for up to 1.000 Baht per gram.

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