Big Buds + Lemon Haze PROMOTION 100 gram!


Unleash the ultimate cannabis celebration with our exclusive 100-gram bundle featuring Big Buds and Lemon Haze – all for an incredible price of 90 Baht per gram.

Big Buds: Beyond Expectations Experience the magic of Big Buds, meticulously cultivated indoors to ensure a medium-quality strain that doesn’t compromise on potency. At 90 Baht per gram in this bundle, it’s a pocket-friendly journey into quality cannabis.

Lemon Haze: Citrus Bliss Adding zest to the mix, Lemon Haze brings its citrus symphony to the party. Known for its refreshing notes, this strain is the perfect companion to your cannabis adventures.

Why the 100-Gram Extravaganza?

  • Unbeatable Value: A jaw-dropping 90 Baht per gram for 100 grams of indoor cannabis.
  • Diverse Enjoyment: From the relaxing vibes of Big Buds to the invigorating notes of Lemon Haze, this bundle caters to all preferences.
  • Savings Unleashed: Secure 100 grams for just 9000 Baht – a fantastic way to stock up on your favorite strains.

This promotion is a limited-time offer, so don’t miss out! Elevate your cannabis experience with our 100-gram Big Buds and Lemon Haze Extravaganza – where quality meets affordability in every gram. Order now and let the good times roll!

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