Apple Jack Sativa / Top Local Quality (AAA+)


Apple Jack is a highly potent sativa-dominant hybrid, created by crossing the infamous Jack Herer sativa with the equally renowned hybrid, White Widow. While the exact ratio of sativa to indica is unknown, the genetics of this strain indicate that it is comprised of at least 70% sativa. With THC levels that can exceed 20%, Apple Jack delivers a balanced combination of both body and head effects, providing a calming physical buzz and a euphoric cerebral sensation.

This strain is perfect for individuals looking for a focused and creative high that can help alleviate stress. Additionally, it has been reported to be effective in treating muscle spasms, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and other mood disorders. However, individuals seeking relief from symptoms that respond to CBD should look for other strains as Apple Jack has low CBD levels of only 0.1%.

Apple Jack has a sweet and fruity flavor that corresponds with its name, accompanied by a sweet yet pungent earthy aroma.

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