Franchise possibilities in other cities in Thailand

Live and work in Thailand with our franchise!

Its the dream of many people to live and to work in Thailand. Pattayaweed.Delivery makes this dreams comes true for a few selected franchise partners!

We want to become a thailand-wide franchise with fast delivery (1h) in every city in Thailand and with the best quality weed available on the market.

If you plan to become your own boss and you would like to open a franchise with us, get in touch with us now!

Here are some FAQ’s about the franchise setup

How much does it cost to get a Franchise?

The setup price for the onlineshop, incl. domain and email address costs around 30.000 Baht only.

You have then full access to the onlineshop (wordpress) with statistics for sales, as well as customer management.

We will also add a livechat to your page, to track the customers.. Where they came from? What pages they visited and many more information.

The monthly costs for the plugins are below 50 USD/month.

In what cities is it possible to open a franchise?

Currently available are: (available) + (available) (available) (available) (in discussions to setup at the moment) (in discussions to setup at the moment)

Other cities on request. We do not allow two partners in the same city!

What are the full setup costs?

The full setup costs, including around 25 Gramm weed of each strain, will be somewhere around 100 – 150.000 Baht. (Depending how much you would like to have to start). This money you will have approximately doubled, after the first sell-out!

How much profit do I make as your Franchise?

We advise our partners to have a minimum of 80% profit, usually its 100%.

Please note, that you are free in creating your prices.

How does Pattayaweed.Delivery profit from this?

We want to become a thailand-wide franchise for the highest quality available in Thailand.

We sell the weed, stuff and products to our partners with an up-price of 20%.

What do I get if I open a franchise with you?

You will get the following from us:

– Website with onlineshop (full access)

– Email

– Facebook Page

– Highest Quality weed to great prices

– Legal help as well as leveraging our license in future

– We have a lawyer fulltime hired to help you at any inconveniences

– Free Marketing

– Free Logo (similar to ours, but with other city name)

– Free Backlinks to your page

– Support and help at questions or problems

– We can deliver full equipment incl. small bags, cones, filters etc.

Any success stories?

Currently we are setting up our first franchise in Koh Samui with a local Partner there. So soon, you will be also able to enjoy 1h deliveries of the best quality weed, in Samui. The setup fee’s included the first batch of weed and products was here 124.700 THB. But the products do have a selling-worth of over 215.000 THB. So after the first sell-out (around 300 Gramm Total), he will be approximately 90.000 THB in profit (with free website and complete setup of the franchise.)

We made a turnover of around 520.000 THB in the first two months of incorporation (in lowseason, August + September). Its a great opportunity for people wishing to have their own business and make some money with it. Get in touch with us now to setup your own franchise in any city in Thailand!
1 Franchise per City – We do not want that our franchises compete with each others!


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