What’s the difference between A and AAAA weed?

The first official grading system was introduce in the early 90’s in Canada. Let’s have a deeper look into the ratings and the grades available.

A Quality / Singles (A)
This quality is usually not sold in coffeeshops, or sold in the cheapest joints. Its weed of the lowest quality and always outdoor.
In our shop you can find “Green Crack” as the only Single A weed available. Its outdoor quality, with THC levels of below 5%, but very cheap priced.

AA Quality / Dubs (AA)
Dubs or Doubles are usually the lowest grade of indoor or even glashouse productions. Dub quality usually has THC levels of around 10%. The quality is somehwere between good glashouse and normal home grown indoor. A normal indoor, not a banger quality, but good for starts and cheap in price.

AAA quality / Trips (AAA)
Trips are the most common buds you will see in coffeeshops. The range is very big, a low Trips (AAA- or AA-AAA) can be a good homegrown, a high Trips (AAA+ or AAA-AAAA) can be already nearly perfect indoor buds with THC levels somewhere between 10 and 20%. A perfect bud with bad trim, weak smell, weak density or weak taste, would be also counted as AAA to AAA+.

AAAA quality / Quads (AAAA)
This is the highest quality of indoor weed available on the markets and has typically THC levels of over 20%. You usually wont find this quality in countries, where Cannabis is not legal! Even in highly developed European countries, with best equipment, the maximum of local productions is AAA to AAA+. This quality you can only get imported!

Why Quads (AAAA) are only available in countries that legalized it, you will find out in our next article! 😀

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