AAAA+ Cannabis – Why its only imported available?

Most people living outside the USA, Netherlands or Thailand, might know AAAA+ Cannabis only from pictures.

I am personally from Europe, smoking since 15 years and always tried to get the highest quality. If I compare the European indoor quality I was smoking for years, with todays Quads (AAAA) available here in Thailand – It’s a different level! Totally different level! European Homemade quality is max. AAA+ quality if you have a great grower. But its still a big difference to AAAA or even AAAA+ – But why?

I asked this question to many growers. Taking a bud of MAC#2, showed it to them and asked them, what is the difference now between this and yours.. I can see the difference, I can feel the difference when smoke and I can also smell the difference and feel a better, cleaner high.. but why local homegrowers will never ever reach this quality?

There are a few things, that we have to keep in mind here. To get the best buds, you need to have the best equipment – Then you need the best seeds AND maybe the most important, you need much more time to make them! The flowering times of such high quality flowers can take easily 40-80% more time. So in a country, where Cannabis is not legal, no one will spend the money for the equipment (if police come its gone, and a good container to produce Quad Quality costs around 120.000 USD) and no one has the time to do it, in a country where its not legal (harvest before raid)..

The growers want to harvest as fast as possible. If they wait too long, and there is a police raid, all there profits are gone – so they don’t have the time to wait.

Beside above mentioned, also a huge know-how and experience is necessary. In our opinion, it might still take up to 2 years for Thai Growers to reach this kind of quality. But luckily you can find this quality still on Pattayaweed.Delivery

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